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I have been selected as a New Talent Fellow as part of the Expanded Performance Fellowship produced by Bristol + Bath Creative R + D. 


"Innovations in technology are changing every part of the performance landscape - from how shows are made and marketed to how they are captured and distributed. VR, AR, motion capture, 5G, spatialized audio and virtual worlds are just some of the technologies changing where a performance can take place, who the audience is, and how it is experienced."

My research will be exploring the question 'How can digital techniques such as motion and volumetric capture expand on embodied and participatory live dance experiences and are these experiences engaging the LGBTQ community?'

The first phase of my research is to go out and speak to the industry: technologists, developers, producers, directors, inclusion producers, dancers, choreographers and of course audiences. I have decided to present this research in a podcast series which can be found below.


Release Date: ​ 20th July 2020

I introduce the podcast series, outlining my research questions and give some insight into the hows, whys and whats of my process.

IntroductionHarry Silverlock
00:00 / 06:33


Release Date: ​ 20th July 2020

Condense RealityHarry Silverlock & Nick Fellingham
00:00 / 24:04

Nick, CEO of Condense Reality talks to me about: new ways volumetric capture can be broadcast live; the future of volumetric capture; the multitude of different ways this technology can be used and how customer / audience facing volumetric experiences will shape the commercial and cultural landscape. 


Release Date: ​ 27th July 2020

Josh PawlowskiHarry Silverlock & Nick Fellingham
00:00 / 24:30

Joshua, environmental advocate and creator talks about the use of volumetric capture in his environmental augmented reality project Sanctuary and the technical aspects of our collaboration on virtual reality dance documentary Gimme One


Release Date: ​ 04th August 2020

Marta Di FrancescoHarry Silverlock & Marta Di Francesco
00:00 / 22:24

Marta, XR artist and creator discusses volumetric capture as a sculptural medium and how she has specialised in this medium to create her own XR dance related experiences. 


Release Date: ​ 25th August 2020

Tessa RatuszynskaHarry Silverlock and Tessa Ratuszynska
00:00 / 17:39

Tessa, XR creator and researcher talks Avatar culture and gender roles in social digital spaces. with references to sexual assault, gender violence and Black Lives Matter movement.

Turkle, S (1995) Life on Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet, Touchstone: New York

Maharaj, C (2017) Embodiment and the Boundaries Between Us in Virtual Reality

Corts, A (2016) (Un)limited: Virtual Performance Spaces and Digital Identity, Theatre Symposium, Volume 24, 2016, pp. 113-128 (Article)


Release Date: ​ 1st September 2020

rob eagle finalHarry Silverlock and Tessa Ratuszynska
00:00 / 25:05

Rob Eagle is a PhD researcher, employing virtual reality and immersive, interactive media to documentary stories of non-cisgender lives. 


Release Date: ​ 20th Novemeber 2020

Prentice WhitlowHarry Silverlock and Prentice Whitlow
00:00 / 32:03

Prentice Whitlow is a dancer with an interest in using technology to respond to and to react to dance theory.


Release Date: ​ 25th Novemeber2020

Jack NorrisJack Norris and Harry Silverlock
00:00 / 32:08

Jack Norris is the managing director of Zubr, a Bristol based XR studio. Coming from a visual effects background, Zubr started researching hologram capture and mixed reality in 2014. Now they develop groundbreaking XR content including room scale VR, custom-built mixed reality viewers and augmented product showcases.